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Dentist with an interest in Endodontics

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About Me

About Me

Ismail was born near Harrow in Northwest London; but having enjoyed his time in the Southwest during dental school, he settled in Bournemouth in the Southwest of England. Ismail attained his BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) from Peninsula College of medicine and dentistry in 2012. Over the years his peers recognised his talent and interest in root canal treatment (endodontics), so Ismail went on to work as a dentist with a special interest in Endodontics.
Ismail understands Root canal therapy often has much assocation with discomfort and fear, but feels it should not have to be. Most of Ismail's patients are pleasently suprised at how comfortable the treamtent can be when a gentle approach with care is taken.

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well documented cases with a excellent success rate

Years of experience



Certification/further training

Certification/Further Training

Certificate of Oral Implantology

London College of Oral Implantology

Endodontic Microsurgery (Apicetomy) training

London Dental Academy


Bourne Dental

2022 - Present


2022 - Present


2022 - Present


2021 - Present

Seaview Dental Practice

2021 - Present

Ferndown Dental Practice

2020 - 2022


2019 - 2020


2020 - 2021

Tier 2 NHS Endodontic Associate

My Services

My Services

Root canal treatment/Retreatment

Ismail understands Root canals are complex anatomical structures, even ones that appear 'straightforward' from an radiograph, can have bifurcations, blockages/sclerosis, ledges. Ismail has a vast experience in and accepts referrals to help you with all of the above

Perforation Repair

Perforations happen, it is important to repair them soon as possible to maximise success rate

Broken File retrieval

Ismail can retrieve broken instrument using ultrasonics his broken file retrieval equipment

Crown Lengthening

When teeth are very broken down they may look like they have a hopeless prognosis, but through crown lengthening can often be saved

Post Removal

Posts can often be a challenge to endodontic retreatment. Ismail has a host of tools to comfortably remove posts safe and efficently


If all options to save the tooth are exhausted, implants maybe an option to consider.

Partial Pulpotomy

If the nerve of the tooth is not fully dead, often it can be kept alive through a partial pulpotomy to save requiring root canal treatment. Ismail has carriedmany of these with good success rate and long term followup.

Apical Microsurgery (Apicetomy)

when all other endodontic treatment fails, apical microsurgery can be a great solution to save the tooth with a very good success rate

Stuart A

30th November 2017

I am extremely pleased with the quality of dental care at this practice. Mr Ismail is the best dentist I have seen in years. The practice runs like clockwork, all very efficient."

Sian R


He explained the procedure well and I felt I could trust him.

K Burden

Nov 2021

...Have found Ismal very professional, he explains all options and keeps costs at an acceptable level, Thank you all..

S Gunn

Feb 2022

Excellent treatment from Ismail. I hope he stays with the practice. Kind, polite, efficient calm everything you'd want from a dentist. I highly recommend him, one of the best I've ever had.

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My Portfolio

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